Live Roulette Rules

European, Asian and American roulette versions are available online in live play format. Live Roulette makes an online betting experience just like the real thing. It is the real thing, only broadcast over online live video. There’s a real Croupier, mostly female, using the exact roulette methods played in conventional land casinos. A video of the game is streamed to the players PC permitting them to play roulette in real-time. However, female online players may feel a bit neglected. Rarely is there some hunky guy spinning the roulette wheel. Maybe equality for women was “left in the kitchen” when it comes to online casinos.

live roulette rules are simple, the same as conventional casinos. A table layout in front of the player gives them a number of betting options. The table layout will coincide with the numbers on the roulette wheel. As with all online Live Roulette rules if the ball lands on a number the player has bet on, they win. The payout will depend on how the player betted, how much money and where the chips were placed. One way an online player can increase their chances of winning at Live Roulette is to choose European roulette. It’s widely known that European tables have better odds over American tables. All because of one number on the wheel-0. Don’t be mislead; the difference can be pretty dramatic. The American tables house advantage is near 5.5% while the European roulette advantage is only around 2%. Also minimum and maximum betting restriction vary from casinos and roulette tables. An online player should try to choose a casino that offers the minimum and maximum bet limits they prefer to play. European roulette is the most popular version of Live Roulette offered. However, regardless of the version an online casino player plays, the Live Roulette rules are basically the same.

Different casinos license their live gaming software from different companies so the interface, dynamics, function and wheel arrangement will vary. In all Live Roulette betting the player gets to observe the Croupier spin the wheel, spin the ball and then watch the it bounce with enthusiasm hoping the ball will fall on whatever number/s they’ve bet on. Online casinos use the best software, not only for Live Roulette but for all of their casino games.

Casinos that offer Live Roulette:
bet 365 Casino, Unibet Casino and 888 Casino

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